Picasso Masterworks

Picasso's Marie Thérèse Walker.
Femme au Béret Rouge-Orange.

Olivier Picasso, son of Maya Picasso who is the daughter of Pablo and Marie Thérèse Walker, the famous companion and muse of the late artist, spoke in depth of his mother and famous grandfather prior to the Sotheby’s auction of eleven masterworks.

He was asked if the style in which Picasso painted his portraits, notably the offset of eyes, was peculiar to him as it is for first time viewers before they surrender to the artist’s style and execution.

Olivier Picasso sharing his childhood in a Picasso masterclass.

Olivier stated the paintings he was surrounded by growing up, never appeared unusual to him, and never considered the artists style to be anything but usual, and as we have come to understand, brilliant. The painting at the top, a depiction of Olivier’s grandmother Marie Thérèse, was expected to fetch between $20-30 million dollars.

When Oliver Barker, auctioneer for Sotheby’s, hammer struck the podium, the titled painting—1938 portrait Femme au Béret Rouge-Orange— sold to an anonymous buyer for $40.5 million including buyers premium.

Oliver Barker, auctioneer at Sotheby's. ©Kelly McKeon
Sotheby’s auctioneer, Oliver Barker moments before accepting the final bid for Femme au Béret Rouge-Orange, shown on the left.

Another high purchased painting, and one of my favorites titled, Homme et Enfant (76.5 x 51.125), sold for $24.4 million. How I wished to be able to hold my hand up and claim ownership of this painting.

Homme et Enfant.
Picasso’s, Homme et Enfant.

The most interesting moment of this photographic documentation, was the transfer of the paintings from the gallery to the auction space. Never before have I been this cautious capturing the movement of art or product. It may have been the monetary value, or the cultural and historical significance of Picasso, but I was absolutely monitoring my distance to paintings.

Transfer of art to auction.
©Kelly McKeon
Transfer of art from gallery to auction.

In all, the eleven pieces, brought in more than $100 million dollars. Quite the evening.

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©Kelly McKeon

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