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How to photograph your event without interrupting the guest experience.

Documenting your event is essential in capturing your achievement of producing the event, not only to showcase and promote your business, but also in thanking and inspiring your clients and staff.

But capturing your event with photography or video should not come at the expense of the guest experience. You may have witnessed at many events, photographers/videographers standing in the sight lines of attendees for the duration of the event, or placing tripods and camera mounts in guest traffic areas, thereby forcing others to navigate around them. 

The event performance or invited speaker is for the enjoyment of your guests, and capturing still images or video of a possible once in a lifetime engagement is important for both you and your client. This can be accomplished with a little bit of pre-planning, thereby eliminating any interruptions.

Always communicate the specifics of your event. Whether you have a single performance, multiple production numbers, speakers, atmosphere talent, or surprises.

Ask your photographer or videographer to not linger in one area for any length of time. Have them refrain from standing in front of seated guests and if a choice needs to be made between the guest having a great experience or “getting the shot”, well, the guest has priority.

Often, a photographer can successfully move in front of seated guests and capture an image taking only seconds.
He or she will move on before the guest realizes what took place.

When you communicate the specifics of your live event, the professionals you partner with can work with your concerns and objectives, and still deliver outstanding, spectacular imagery and video while maintaining a positive and amazing experience for your invited guests.

The photographer is your representative to favorable engagements with your guests.
Begin the dialogue early.

©Kelly McKeon

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